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CasinoCasino Login & Sign UP

Punters, who are searching for generous prizes and comfortable gaming experience, should pay attention to CasinoCasino. It’s a reliable platform officially licensed in the UK. The gaming facility is registered on GamStop, which guarantees security and trustworthiness. A nice interface and a comfortable navigation will allow every plunger to easily sign up, do the CasinoCasino login, and play.

CasinoCasino Sign Up

In order to sign up, it’s required to complete a few simple steps. Then a punter will be able to login CasinoCasino and enjoy a great variety of games. The instruction for the registration is as follows:

  1. Open the main webpage and click ‘Register’.
  2. Then a gamer will see a form, where it’s necessary to write the following information: email, password, currency, country of residence.
  3. Press ‘Next’.
  4. After this, the next form with appear, where it’s required to indicate gender, how to address you, first/last name, date of birth, and phone number.
  5. Press ‘Next’.
  6. The last step is to write a postal code.
  7. Then a punter can find an address, which corresponds to the postal code indicated. It’s comfortable and easy. There’s no need to write an address manually.
  8. Click ‘Finalize the registration’.
  9. The next step is to agree with the Terms/Privacy Policy and to indicate the agreement to receive promo emails. Then press ‘Confirm’.

When the CasinoCasino signup process is over, the platform will offer to observe the bounties accessible and claim them.